"I believe one must create his or her own opportunities, dreams, and reality.

I built this website with the intention of creating new opportunities and experiences."


Welcome to my SiteHello and welcome to my website. My name is Keith Hinman. I am a multi-talented individual looking to broaden my horizons, gain new experiences and knowledge, and to improve myself while helping others along the way.

I believe one must create his or her own opportunities and dreams, this is the primary purpose of this website.  I created this website to be used as a tool, a sort of online portfolio, resume, and blog.  It is also my goal to motivate people and show them they can achieve their dreams and create their own reality.

This website is my primary location to share my web skills, work history, resume, photos, stories, thoughts, ideas, intentions, and dreams. I believe when I write an intention and share it with those who are interested, I drastically increase the chances of these intentions and dreams to become reality. You can read more about me, what I want, and how I plan to do it on my “About Me” Page. You can find my Resume, Interactive Resume, Cover Letter, etc on my “Work” page.

A Quick Bit About Me

keith-sphereI am now  31 years old and happier than ever. The past few years have had their ups and downs but overall the experiences have been amazing, thought provoking, and inspiring. After working in the automotive industry for several years, becoming a journeyman,  and entering management, I came to conclusion that I needed a changes. So I gave up the job, the house, the car, and most of my possessions. I left the country in search of something more meaningful and fulfilling.

Traveling and working builds character, improves skills, and teaches you about the other ways of living. I believe my outlook on life, diverse skill base, gratitude, attitude, and my willingness and desire to learn and help, have been crucial in facilitating and creating the opportunities that got me the point I currently am. The past few years have been full of lessons, experience, and insight.

These experiences have contributed to who I am and my overall happiness and outlook on life. You can read more about my travels, my work history and experiences on my “Work“page.


Keith Automotive TechnicianWhile to most people the word “work” seems to imply doing something one does not want to do, I approach the whole subject from a different perspective with a different intention. From my perspective work is a vehicle by which new skills, challenges, and people can be experienced or met. I love to keep busy doing things that provide me with fulfillment and pride. Working to help others, raising awareness, and being passionate are some of the ways by which I do so.

In this section of my website you will find an overview of my skills, work experience, goals, a generic cover letter and resume, as well as an interactive resume with a detailed work history. My interactive resume contains a detailed work history, overview of skills, overview of education and training, and a portfolio with graphic and web design projects I have completed recently.

If you are a prospective employer, have any project ideas or feedback please contact me. I will consider all offers, part of my life philosophy is to take advantage of the opportunities that show themselves. I look forward to meeting new people, gaining new skills, and putting my energy and effort into doing amazing things… JUST ASK!

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