If you are new to my website you will quickly realize there is a bit of theme. There are a few repetitive words most will quickly catch on to. To me the three most important words in this creation-globesense are: “Create”, “Intention”, and “Awareness” I don’t take or use these words lightly. Below I will write a quick overview of what these words mean to me and how they interact and have dependence with each other. While I understand exactly what I mean this, it is not the easiest thing to put this outlook into words. I will do my best to keep it simple. Most readers know that I study sociology and whenever I discuss or write about topics like this, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Socrates ideas relating to self confidence always comes to mind.

I truly believe we all have the power and ability to create opportunities and make our dreams and goals come true. The majority of people seem to live their lives with the mentality that they are powerless pawns in the large game that most call “modern society” Although I do believe not all people have the social tools or awareness to come to this realization, the vast majority of people living in a first world environment can realize their potential if shown and supported correctly if they do not let fear of the unknown control their thoughts.

For me personally to create an opportunity, experience, moment, or memory requires “Intention” and “Awareness”. Intention is one of the most powerful things one can have and it seems like one must have a certain degree of awareness to put a conscious intention into effect. Being aware of yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and your impact on the people around you allows one to become clear on what he or she wants and more importantly why.

awareness-guageIf you look around in the modern world the majority of people seem to do most things without really thinking or asking themselves the questions that bring the personal awareness I mentioned above.  For me self confidence, fulfillment, and happiness really come from knowing why I think or feel a certain way. If I cannot answer to myself why am I doing this or why do I feel this way then most likely I should not be doing or feeling that way. If I can answer to myself those questions the next thing to consider is how that choice, thought, or feeling impacts the people around me. Following this basic flow really does keep me happy and fulfilled.

If I look back at times when I struggled, was depressed, or unhappy it was almost always because I couldn’t answer those questions and was “lost” If I am doing something for no reason, or if the reason is “FOR MONEY” then changes need to be made. This brings us back to awareness, I have to keep aware of the aspects of myself.

Imagine how the world would be if the majority of people lived a life of awareness and intention instead of being unhappy, unaware, and unfulfilled. What I see in the world around me, and yes I was a part of it for several years, is a generally distracted and unfulfilled population. Working hard doing things they would rather not do, to pay for stuff they don’t need. They buy things they don’t need to try and feel better, filling the whole inside themselves with products. I believe a lot of this is not by accident, there is and has been societal engineering for centuries. I plan on writing about more about this in another post.

Thank you for reading.