learnLearning is something I put a lot of effort and importance into. I think continuing ones education whether formal or informal keeps the brain young, improves memory functions, promotes overall well being, and keeps life fun and exciting. There are many subjects that I am interested and currently studying. Inevitably while studying any given subject, more questions arise, adding to the list of questions and subjects to study and learn.


While I try to always have intention in what I do, I generally will study or learn a subject purely because I want to and I know it is good for me. While many people turn to the tv as their entertainment, I often turn to study or learning a subject. My education is mostly informal but it goes to show the motivation ability one has to learn. There are many subjects I continuously study with the intention of expanding my knowledge and raising my awareness of the world around me. You will find a list of some of the subjects I am interested in below.


Current Areas of Study


  • Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy and Body Language

  • Socio-Economics, Politics, religion and spirituality
  • Food, Modern and World Medicine, Water, and Industry
  • Global interactions, indigineous and shamanic cultures, anthropology
  • Nature and interactions, Naturalism, Conservationism, and Biomimicry
  • Spanish and other Language skills… including english, and public speaking
  • Music, Art, Architecture, Film, and Animation

Future Areas of Studywilderness medicine

  • Emergency Medical and Wilderness Procedures (EMT/WEMT Training)
  • Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Reiki, and alternative medicines.
  • Aquaponics, aquaculture, farming, and other sustainable food practices.
  • I look forward to finding more of what I don’t know and learning.