This page is a brief overview of the things I have learned while traveling and why I enjoy it so much. If you are looking for photos of my travels please see my travel photo gallery. I really love to share and talk about these experiences and perspectives. If you have questions, comments, or would like to have a thought provoking conversation please contact me.


The subject of traveling is very important to me and realistically I could dedicate and entire website to my thoughts, experiences, and goals relating the the matter. In this page I will do my best to keep it simple and to the point. As stated above please contact me if you have questions, comments, or would like to chat about anything.

Traveling is something that we all can and should do more of. Looking back at the past few years I see clearly that the exposures, experiences, and perspectives I have received while traveling have strongly contributed to who I am and what I want to do with my life. In 2008 when I decided to get out of the rat race and follow my heart, I gave away most of my possessions and was extremely excited to take a leap into the unknown. I had no idea of the experiences that were waiting for me, all I knew was that it felt right and working the same job day after day while filling the pockets of the corporation and management was not fulfilling and I was not happy.

At the time I didn’t fully comprehend the significance of what I was doing. Looking back at who I was when I left and comparing to who I am now is an amazing thing. If I were to meet the me from that time, I dont think I would know who I was. What I mean by that is the path the I set off on brought me into being who I am at this exact moment in time, and I am so happy and grateful to be the person I am.

Another thing I feel is very important to note is what traveling actually is to me. I am not talking about the two weeks off you get per year (if you are lucky) spent on a quick “vacation”. I am talking about really surrendering to the experience, spending larger amounts of time, and integrating into cultures to get a real perspective of how it is instead of the tourist version. Tourist destinations worldwide are more or less the same, getting off the beaten path is the only way to have a genuine experience

While I could go on and on about the things I have learned while traveling, some of the biggest things I learned are below:

  • We as Americans have a high quality of life at the cost of Social, Economic, and Environmental damages to many third world countries.
  • People in third world countries deal with the same daily struggles plus additional challenges and overall seem to be much happier and place more importance on family
  • Americans in general have a very poor work ethic and an extreme sense of entitlement.
  • Other countries are just as safe if not safer than the United States
  • Most foreigners are interested by Americans and usually are surprised by how down to earth American travelers are. Only 4% of the American population holds a passport, the majority make opinions based on propaganda and not experience.
  • In general here in the states are very germaphobic, there are not diseases waiting for us around every corner
  • We have some of the cheapest gasoline in the world and drive the biggest vehicles, public transportation does not have the same stigma in other countries
  • We use ridiculous amounts of everything, our consumption of almost everything is out of hand and in the long term is not sustainable.
  • Fresh foods should not last for weeks, many countries have more natural and localized food supplies and these foods do not keep as long even with refrigeration.
  • Our culture is much more fear based…. we are controlled by fear in almost every aspect of our lives. Many look to the government for protection.
  • All governments are corrupt, here in the states the corruption seems to be hiding behind manipulation of written word where as in third world countries is blatant.