I know I have mentioned before that I have small little book I have been carrying with me for several years now. In this book I write goals, dreams, contacts, business ideas, and most importantly some things I have learned that I feel are very important to remember. I have not shared any of this information with anyone so thank you if you are reading this. Perhaps these things will help someone, they will at least be reminders for me. If any of these things have helped you or if you have some input, feedback, or things to add please contact me.


This list may be slightly redundant but each point was written in my book by me. While most things were written to apply directly to owning or operating a business several points apply to many aspects of life. This life should give readers further insight into my philosophy and how I work with the world around me.


  1. Separate business and personal finances. I have seen many small business owners use the business as their personal bank account and cause serious financial issues for the business itself.
  2. Earn respect of employees, business partners, and competition. Doing this insures high ethics and doing the right thing.
  3. Keep motivation in mind and provide growth opportunities for employees. See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory among others.
  4. Use resources effectively and efficiently. This could be employees, locations, business partners, etc…
  5. Money is not the primary motivation of the business. This is more a personal thing but the world is in its current state because of money being the primary objective for the majority.
  6. Quality over quantity always
  7. Have clear, direct, and transparent communication with customers, employees, partners, etc…
  8. Improve the lives of customers, employees, partners, and competition. The business is not about the owner.
  9. Set reasonable expectations and exceed them.  You set expectations of what others can expect from you as well as what you expect from them.
  10. Don’t make decisions based on emotions. Fully consider all aspects.
  11. I am not correct just because I am the boss.
  12. Branding, image, fonts, colors, and business identities should be congruent and change minimally.
  13. Don’t jump to conclusions or snap judgements. This applies to all aspects of life.
  14. Respect the ideas and input of others… especially customers and employees.
  15. Promote from within and give good benefits. BUILD LOYALTY NOT RELIANCE.
  16. Know all employees and develop relationships with them.
  17. Listen to the recommendations of employees.
  18. You can learn something from everyone… let judgements pass.
  19. Focus efforts and energy on one thing at a time. I have seen more than one business fail simply from taking on to many new projects and mismanaging them.
  20. Micromanaging is counter productive. All employees are different but in most situations an employee that needs micromanaging should be trained further or replaced.
  21. It is impossible to please all customers or employees. Just do the right thing.
  22. Do not have a business that is reliant on one thing, especially if that thing is out of your control… like weather.
  23. When working with people in or from other countries remember expectations, ethics, and morals may be different. Do not expect them to see what you see. We all see life through “a pair of cultured glasses”
  24. Control of look and feel sets the mood and energy of a place. Do not underestimate the power of setting.


Again please contact me if you have any feedback or have anything to add to the list. Thank you for reading.