On this page I will go over the Education and Training I have received and pursued in my adult life. While this is not a complete list it does describe the items that I feel are most important and applicable to the job opportunities I would like to pursue. There is much more information, work history, and portfolio on my Interactive Resume. Please contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Automotive Training

Automotive Training

My automotive interests were started when I took autoshop in highschool. After entering the industry and working with Autowest Honda I went through extensive training and gained valuable experience. After my time with Honda I tried working for an independent and gained experience with other import model vehicles. The mechanical skills I gained during this time can be applied to so many different situations.

Honda Factory Training

  • 100% self study module completion
  • 100% completion of training center modules for srs, abs, body electrical, steering & suspension, engine, transmission, fuel and emissions, tpms
  • 80% completion of total training

Other Automotive Training

  • IMACA Refrigerant handling license
  • Alldata Information Specialist Certification
  • Lojack theft recovery device installation trained and certified
  • PAX Tire System Service Technician Certification
  • Frequently Attended Workplace Safety Training



Software Education

Software Education & Experience

Now days we have a large variety of powerful software available to us depending on our needs. Starting when I was 13 (1997) I began to learn how to use different software tools. I designed and built my first website at this age and continued to further my education as I grew.

While my education is not formal, I have learned many different technologies, softwares, and how to use them effectively and efficiently. Much of my knowledge is thanks to tutorials on Lynda.com, simply using search engines to answer questions, and putting in the time to learn. I love learning but do not like the structure of “school”.


  • Entire Adobe Creative Suite, going back to the Macromedia days.
  • All Microsoft Office products. Much experience with excel,word,powerpoint
  • Ableton Live including many vst’s, and similar audio production software
  • Sony Vegas and many plugins, premier, and final cut, and after effects
  • Flash- for animations, interface design, and advertisements
  • Good understanding of web dynamics, html, php, sql, java, jquery, css, etc…
  • Very experienced with Search Engine Optimization & google adwords
  • There are many more programs I am familiar with and can utilize

Scuba TrainingScuba Training

I have always loved the water and from the first time I was able to experience breathing underwater I knew I wanted to learn more and eventually teach. The skills I gained during this training apply to many things in life. During my instructor training I learned about different learning/teaching modalities, how to lecture, became more proficient with group leadership, gained many first aid skills ,and learned more about the psychology of stressors and risk assessment.

Dive Certifications

  • SSI Open Water Instructor # 52850
  • PADI Dive Master # 497943
  • PADI Emergency First Response/CPR/Advanced External Defibrillation
  • SSI Oxygen Providor
  • Over 1000 dives logged in both warm and cold water
  • Very experienced with wreck, night, navigation, and photography training
  • Experienced underwater photographer
  • Became very experienced with risk management/assessment and developing emergency procedures
  • Experienced with search and recovery procedures and lift calculations


Other Education

Other Education


Continuing my personal education is something I believe is very important. There are many subjects that I am interested and inevitably while studying any given subject, more questions arise.

Some subjects I continuously study with the intention of expanding my knowledge and raising my awareness of the world around me.

Current Areas of Study

  • Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy and Body Language
  • Socio-Economics, Politics, religion and spirituality
  • Food, Modern and World Medicine, Water, and Industry
  • Global interactions, indigineous and shamanic cultures, anthropology
  • Nature and interactions, Naturalism, Conservationism, and Biomimicry
  • Spanish and other Language skills… including english, and public speaking
  • Music, Art, Architecture, Film, and Animation

Future Areas of Study

  • Emergency Medical and Wilderness Procedures (EMT/WEMT Training)
  • Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, Ayurveda, Reiki, and alternative medicines.
  • Aquaponics, aquaculture, farming, and other sustainable food practices.
  • I look forward to finding more of what I don’t know and learning.