Working In Queensland Australia

I feel so lucky to have been able to do the things I have done. Before you continue reading I would like to make my gratitude known. I am so grateful to have the resources, skills, supportive family, and confidence to make my dreams and goals real. Working in the dive industry in Australia on the Great Barrier Reef and Southern Queensland has been one of the best experiences of my life. Things like this always make me ask myself:

How many experiences of a lifetime can one have in a lifetime?

After a trip to Costa Rica and finally snorkeling in tropical waters, I found a new goal and dream, which became life changing. After my first snorkeling trip to Isla Del Caño, I decided that when I returned home I would enroll in a scuba course. Being in warm water surrounded by beautiful sea creatures was appealing. I have always been interested in the ocean despite growing up far from the coast in the foothills of California.

Surfacing After An Amazing Dive

A week after returning I found myself in a classroom learning dive theory. I was very interested in the theory and knowledge behind the diving but the real reason I was there was to dive. My first pool session came quickly and I distinctly remember the first moment my head went underwater and I was breathing. I thought to myself “This is what I should do, I can be the instructor”

After this realization I began to formulate my life changing plan. I completed my open water course, and continued to dive frequently. I decided to go for it, I started to make the plans to go to Australia to do a divemaster course and see how it was to work in the dive industry. Six months later I was turning in my two week notice. I had been working as an automotive technician for almost six years by this point and was ready for a change. So I walked away from the job, sold the car, moved out of the house, and gave away most of my possessions.

I arrived to Australia and completed my in depth divemaster course. I loved every minute. It is a passion of mine and who doesn’t enjoy sharing their passions. As my experience grew so did my desire to learn more and progress to the next levels. Eventually I became an instructor and dive supervisor. I loved learning about the psychology behind students learning processes and  even more I enjoyed Risk Management training.

I really enjoy “risky” activities. What appeals to me is training, or more specifically relying on training, equipment, and myself. It is imperative to keep a cool calm mental state. If there are any issues you fall back on your training. There is something fulfilling about being completely responsible for your well being. Things like this carry over into the normal day to day life…. keeping a calm mental state, not stressing, and doing what needs to be done.

Having Fun Underwater

We did day trips to the southern Great Barrier Reef. It was one of the best times of my life and something I am proud to have done. There was naturally a connection between my love of photography and filming, I enjoyed the environment, the settings, the subjects, and of course the added challenge of being underwater. The best part about taking photos and videos underwater is sharing them with the divers after their dive experiences and giving them souvenirs (photos) that last a lifetime.

In addition to learning to teach diving, I learned many other things. I learned how to manage groups in a professional tourist setting. I had a lot of training with risk management, for many people when they hear “risk management” their minds automatically go to finances. I mean risk management in the sense of safety of passengers and divers, but the thought process can be applicable to all things in life. I realized that I love the ocean and need to be close to it. I also realized that I wanted to learn to sail.

I worked in the dive industry for almost three years, I had many experiences and many different types of first aid, teaching, group management, and risk management training. I also have experience with several diving specialties such as: navigation, wreck diving, night diving, search and recover, and of course photography. You can see all of my dive qualifications on my “Resume” page and many of my dive photos on the “Photography” Page and in my “Gallery”