Goals and Dreams

Follow Your DreamsI have many different goals, dreams, and aspirations. I believe it is important for one to be connected with who they are and what it is that they really want. Of course things change, but at this point in my life I have one main goal which I try to keep all other aspects of my life in alignment with. I try to live my life in a transparent way, meaning that I am completely open to any and all people. This removes fears and grows confidence.

My main goal at this stage in my life is to have intention and purpose in everything I do. I do not wish to do things just to do them, or to do things because I don’t know what else to do. Putting intention and meaning into my life makes things more fulfilling and brings me true inner happiness.

Some of my main intentions are to constantly learn and improve myself while helping elevate the lives of others, and to not live my life based on fear. I also enjoy bringing awareness and motivation to people who seem to be “lost”. I myself have been lost and wrapped up the modern world around me but upon realizing that I wanted and needed more, my life has more or less been a constant improvement.

I am so grateful to have the skills and awareness to allow me to do the things I do, but more than anything I want to show others that they can create their own reality and are responsible for their own experience.

I have a small book that I have been carrying with me for the past few years. I use it to write down different thoughts, ideas, goals, quotes, etc… Below is a short list from this book, of things I want to experience and do in my life.

  • Solo Skydive
  • Pilots License
  • Heli-Board
  • Visit the Galapagos with my friend Sean
  • Sail Across Atlantic or Pacific
  • See Peru, machu pichu
  • Take my dad on a trip somewhere that is new for the both of us.
  • Work and Travel South East Asia
  • Learn to kitesurf
  • Participate in Shamanic Experiences to grow spiritually and personally.
  • Improve and help the lives of people I encounter in my travels.
  • Continue to learn and improve my Spanish language skills