Keith Automotive TechnicianWhile to most people the word “work” seems to imply doing something one does not want to do, I approach the whole subject from a different perspective with a different intention. From my perspective work is a vehicle by which new skills, challenges, and people can be experienced or met. I love to keep busy doing things that provide me with fulfillment and pride. Working to help others, raising awareness, and being passionate are some of the ways by which I do so.

In this section of my website you will find an overview of my skills, work experience, goals, a generic cover letter and resume, as well as an interactive resume with a detailed work history. My interactive resume contains a detailed work history, overview of skills, overview of education and training, and a portfolio with graphic and web design projects I have completed recently.

If you are a prospective employer, have any project ideas or feedback please contact me. I will consider all offers, part of my life philosophy is to take advantage of the opportunities that show themselves. I look forward to meeting new people, gaining new skills, and putting my energy and effort into doing amazing things… JUST ASK!