Me checking my cameraOn this page of my website I will give a brief explanation of why I love to take photos and how my passion brought me to the point I am currently at. If you want to see some of my photos please visit my gallery page. Please remember I only have a small selection of photos on this site and plan on slowly updating my galleries. If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

Filming and photography have always been appealing to me. I don’t remember exactly when it started but I remember always having a fascination with cameras and always wanted to be the one to take the photo or film. I remember going on family trips as a child and snapping photos like crazy only later to find how difficult and costly photo development was. In school I was almost always the cameraman when any opportunity showed itself. The humanities academy in my high school had a very cool media class and I really enjoyed editing video, leveling sounds, and producing real videos.

Me Taking Photos In the Blue Mountains Australia

Luckily for us now days we have digital cameras and no longer need to deal with development of photos and can therefore snap as many photos as we like. My photography skills have slowly progressed since I purchased my first digital camera. I look back at the photos I have taken over the years and a steady progression of quality and composition can be seen. It is funny to look back at photos I previously thought were amazing, I now see them as mediocre or amateur.

Photography for me is about capturing a moment and expressing it through the composition of the photo itself. I have been lucky enough to travel and take amazing photos. While I am

currently expanding my photo base I enjoy taking photos of wildlife and nature more than anything else. During my time working on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia I was able to capture a large collection of dive images. I love taking dive, nature, and wildlife photos because of the locations and environments, but also like the added challenge of being underwater, in the jungle, or traveling.

During my time in Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua I was able to take many photos of amazing animals and beautiful locations. I purchased a professional quality camera a little over a year ago and I am now taking my photos and photography skills and understanding to the next level. I have recently began to sell stock and artistic photos. While my stock photo portfolio is currently not large, I always have several hundred photos waiting to be uploaded and I constantly take more photos.

me on the beach with my camera and tripodIn addition to photography I have done a good deal of filming, post production, and audio scoring and leveling. I love media, animation, graphics, and art in general. My interests in all of these things leads to a skill base that covers many different aspects, these skills can be applied to almost any situation.

I am actively looking for new challenges and opportunities to use my and grow my photography and video skills. In addition to my photography and videography I plan on writing more and developing a more complete skill set that can be applied to as many situations as possible.